Clinical Pattern Recognition

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“Clinical Pattern Recognition: Low Back Pain is one of the most comprehensive apps for clinical reasoning available to clinicians. It is very useful in the sense you can utilize the information and the techniques in your clinic immediately.”

Tony Reale, PT, DPT, CES, ART, Organizational Physical Therapist
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Clinical reasoning is difficult to develop based on the older models of teaching and learning. Textbooks are limited by sequential pages and cannot convey the complex multidimensional nature of clinical practice.

It is not uncommon for the new clinician to feel lost during the first years in the clinic without easy access to their instructors for guidance. Our dream is to be there, by your side, to simplify and bridge the gap between research and expert clinical practice.

Let Clinical Pattern Recognition reshape your mind.

  • Neck and Thorax
    Coming Soon
  • Shoulder
    Coming Soon
  • Elbow
    Coming Soon
  • Wrist and Hand
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  • Develop your clinical pattern recognition using pain patterns and hypotheses generator
  • Clinical guideline based app with the most up to date evidence
  • Clinical reasoning algorithms help to shape your thoughts and actions
  • High definition videos of movement patterns of the most common pathologies such as rotator cuff tears, disc herniations, spinal stenosis, patellofemoral pain syndrome and piriformis syndrome
  • High definition videos of special tests, manual techniques and exercises all linked to specific pathologies
  • Free trial versions available

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